Need for Speed™ Carbon

Need for Speed™ Carbon 48.0

Win enough races on the city streets to duel your opponents in the canyon
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Drive a variety of powerful cars, customize their performance as well as their look, gain control of city areas by winning races and try to stay away from the cops. Duel the best street racers in the canyon and win in order to advance the story.

Need for Speed Carbon is the fourth release of the Need for Speed series and continues the saga of car races and American-movies-like chases. Carbon continues the story where the previous release, Most Wanted, stopped. Just to make some memory, Most Wanted ended with you taking backyour stolen car and driving out of the city of Rockport while the anti-street-racing Sgt. Cross follows up with his pursuit. At the beginning of Carbon, you are driving your way to Palmont City when Cross suddenly appears in your way and totals your car during the chase. The main location of this game, Palmont City is divided into four major territories, each of which is controlled by a different street-racing group. Each territory is in turn divided into zones, and within each zone, you will find starting points for a wide range of different race events. To get control, you need to win at least two events in the zone. And once you've taken over all the zones in a given territory, you can take on the head of that crew. As you go on extending your control across Palmont City, rival crews will come back and try to re-gain territory just as you took it from them, making you accept their challenge if you want to maintain control. In general it keeps the good graphics and great selection of cars of the previous versions, though not bringing too many new features to the series.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Loads of customization options
  • Solid gameplay


  • Not really new or impressive
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